CCi can offer the following range of Construction Cost Management and Quantity Surveying Services

CCi can offer the following range of services and advice:

Pre contract and Procurement Advice 


Getting things in place and correct at an early stage is usually the most reliable strategy for avoiding expensive and protracted disputes later in the construction process. This appplies whether you are the employer, contractor or sub-contractor. CCi can provide the following range of procurement services and advice: 


  • Cost estimates and cost planning
  • Preparation of tender documents, including bills of quantities
  • Obtain subcontractor and material quotations to allow the pricing of bills of quantities
  • Analysis of tenders, selection of contractors and sub-contractors
  • Value engineering
  • Cash flow forecasting

Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying 


We can provide a range of services to support the commercial management of projects no matter what level of the project you are involved in. By working alongside the client, contractors, sub-contractors and design team the implementation of a good structured commercial management procedure these will help the client with the budgetary control that they require and help promote and highlight the early identification of any potential issues and uncertainty, minimising the commerical risk to our client and pro-active resolution of such issues. These services include: 


  • Cost estimating and capital expenditure forecasts
  • Cost management and control 
  • Life cycle cost analysis 
  • Management and assessment of interim sub-contractor payment applicatins, valuations and issuing of payment notices
  • Client interim applications 
  • Change control assessment and management 
  • Monthly cost reporting and value reconcilliations 
  • Site measurement 
  • Cashflow monitoring 
  • Ongoing contractual management and advice 
  • Final account preparation, negotiation and conclusion 
  • Sub-contractor final account resolution 

Operation & Maintenance Manuals


Project Handover Management 


We realise how busy it can be for a contractor leading up to practical completion and successful handover of a project and that the Building Manuals (O&Ms) can sometimes suffer and be rushed to be ready on time. 


The aim of this service is to provide a solution to manage the timely delivery of the Buidling Manuals to aid a smooth transition from the construction phase into a fully operational building. 


Our service specialises in all areas of the construction information handover documentation and we will provide a fully managed service including all chasing and collating of information from the relevant parties to ensure that a complete and accurate document is produced, meeting the end user requirements. 

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